Kyle Keever

Kyle Keever

Hitting Instructor

About Coach

McMurry University Baseball Alumni

2 Year Captain and Leadership Selection

Hitting Coordinator at Southlake Carroll 2022-2023

Assistant Coach at Ennis High School 2023-2024

Being from a small town, the grind was different and more individually driven. My passion for baseball has always been present, leading me to develop a work ethic to take me onto college ball. After a great 5 years at McMurry University in Abilene, Texas, I developed a drive to coach. Understanding how much coaches impacted me growing up motivated me to be the coach that every player needs. I’ve had failures and successes, so now I used my career experiences to propel my players towards their goals. Being the coach they need and not the coach they want.

I’m glad I’m in a profession where I can use my leadership skills from college to help individuals chase their goals while grinding everyday in the trenches.